5 vs 5's

So since the community goes so well on this … friendly matches i would like to post some yt videos . For me as i already watched them live on HLTV when they happenned i always enjoy to watch them again and again …like a good movie :slight_smile:
I would like to fast up with team choices on mix … knife round useless … if we are friends let’s just join and press 5 ( auto assign ) … it would be much more fun . Idk 'bout you guys …don’t want to offend , im working my ass off and few moments when i have time to play it’s taking to long to gather and choose teams and all the annoyin stuff … , normally a match should go about 30 35 minutes … as … some matches goes more than 1 hour here :slight_smile: anyway…i got 2 cats…got to feed them…cookin , laundry , bills and other stuffs going around here…
and…yep…the PAUSE in game is so annoying … i might seen that 3 or 4 times on an official ESL final game as the computer of one guy crashed…like literally and had to change it … but here is just fun … if one guy drops and reconnect just be fairplay with teammate … buy a weapon … leave it ground and play as there if is 1% chance that 1 vs 5 can do an ace it will…as you seen many times in league matches … so shitty writing …inner thoughts … hope you like the videos i will post down here
And hope you can learn something as im learning everytime i watch them


Good videos, ignorant comment :joy::joy::joy:.

  • knife round takes couple of minutes. I mean both
  • Let’s get people to choose teams fast instead of joking too much and showing sick jumps. This will be enforced.
  • team choosing is needed to balance team coz not everyone is of same level.
  • we all have busy schedules. Come in appropriate time automatically in discord and don’t stay away when you are in discord.
  • pause is only done when players time out. You are exaggerating. We don’t do it for fun. If the player doesn’t show up in a minute or two, we replace the player

Great place to get Demos :). Thank you :slight_smile:


Nofear did comment what I was thinking , id even like 1 random pause for each team ( 30 sec tactical pause ) I think that would be fun thing to do :smiley: its all for fun and giggles so im not thinking about it too be super serious but some small things can change alot :slight_smile: atleast I join mix thinking that whoever is in my team we will always win :stuck_out_tongue:


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If we want to stay friends lets not do that :joy:

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We got this boys :). I got an idea and we try implementing it from today :). Instead of captain knife round, we randomly pick one of the old players to choose and balance both teams. We boast fair admins in our servers and I have no doubt our old players will be good judge of skills and non-biased to balance teams :slight_smile:

Good players who won previously will be put in a slightly weaker team next game.

Better than auto balance systems from valve :joy::joy:. Game will begin much faster and more competitive :). The game will begin from team knife round to choose sides.

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