A friend of mine wanna some help!

hi everone

my fr asked me about something called the slot machines online ! can someone help him pls here ?

here what he said

“I found a scheme where he talks about lines, total episodes and number of times. The question is: while I am in an online slot machine, how can I change lines, establish higher stakes than the maximum (which is usually low)?”
then i said to him idk about this ill ask some friends
he said
“The scheme I was talking about is for example: Line 7, Total bets 25, 2 times, but I never understood how can I decide the line and how to put a high bet”


Tell him not to gamble online. Especially in slot machine. It’s very stupid. Playing poker is something else but slot machine haha. It’s the most ridiculous thing.

One time I went to casino for my friend. I put 5 dollars and after an hour it became 2500. I thought making money is so easy. After one week I end up loosing 1500 from my own pocket. But hey what a week though. every night the turning of the slot machines ringing in my ears.


ok. thx bro :slight_smile:

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wanna see the funny side? people with engineering, doctors or mba or any other special stupid ass certificates spend their whole life in trying to make those slot machines more appealing and addictive. The progressive view of 21st century. Fuck em all :smiley:


Ramos. I found a even better solution. Action video games like counterstrike :smile:. And guess what I found a scientific study that says we counter strike or action game players are better off brainwise than others.


We can choose what we want to believe. Science is the answer haha.


i believe that games gived me friends. love. and fun xD also can make u smart as hell hahaha. but that back to what game u play haha :smiley:

and cs helped me in my work. makes my hands move faster xD