About discord

man i want to join the discord but i can not >>>there is invalid invite or another problem i do not know but i need help please…thanks for you

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u have the app on ur pc/phone ? or u just use it from the website?

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i can use it from the website …and my phone is broken so i tried to use the discord by the website…i have 1gb ram in my motherboard :blush:

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so i am waiting your answer…best bro…because i am not so keen at this things

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click here

bro…nothing change .it tells me that i have not permission for join the discord

can you please send me your name on discord and your id number ?

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did u open acount ?

The discord requires a verified e-mail address. Check if yours is verified

i am so sorry and thanks for everyone >>i found the answer…now i am joining the discord…thank you for everything you do



Welcome aboard mate :slight_smile:

Closed topic.