About Goldy

Last week on a game without any reason Goldy muted me…
people asked why and he said i have no idea

later people said sorry mate he was high…

Today he joined the game again and i asked about last week and i wrote i hate people who muted me with no reason ( only as a joke ) and wait a reply like “sorry mate ı was high or etc.”
He said i dont care
and he replied me "if i were you i would shut up or i ll mute u again
then he muted me again and said
now u re muted build a bridge to communicate

Is that too easy???
being an admin…and using the adminstation for own fun…
muting or banning with no reason…???
is it too hard to say sorry and still being insolent???
Is it just so easy being high is a reason to fuck the community rules and disturb members???

I am here just for a small term but i can surely say that this guy doesnt deserve to be an admin…

@gOldy is one of our moderator and we have known him since the beginning. he was always tolerant. Maybe he was indeed high and everyone has bad day. I apologize on his behalf. It should not happen. Any admin please ungag him.

Next, you dont get apology by demanding sorry. you cant go on and say, say sorry to me and expect people to say sorry instead they will get more offended. I read your chat. You were a bit provocative too

TurkeyZeratuL(DM) if u re a junkie or always hig stay away from me

surely you offended him this time, and he gagged you. this time i dont think it was unfair. I apologize on previous gag from all of us.


don’t make it seriously and don’t make this thing a bigger we all here to have fun .and if you want apologize .i can give you apologize XD. :joy: :sweat_smile: :rofl: :rofl:

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yeah…this time i accept i was provocative
sorry from all of you for these words:(
I think i am a little guilty too…

But he started again, i was expecting a sorry ( but not apology just he can say it s ok mate… and i can forget )
Piku said…goldy zeratul is mad about you
and he said i dont care…
For previous im still at the same thought
here all people and especially admins are very respectful and have responsiblity…
but being high and muting people randomly and then dont care about that is not a good way and being high is not an excuse

I dont want to make it bigger…Please accept my apologies for carrying it here, and really thanks for your kind excuses for him and also your angle for looking this situation…

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The only person that can heal yourself is you. Take a deep breath and move on. World has plenty to offer. Don’t get your thoughts caught up in what others did to you. Live your life appreciate each breath :slight_smile:

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First of all, I muted you because I thought you were flaming to @pikuu. Hence the mute.

I’ll say this again, like I told you yesterday - but you forgot to mention - There is no reason to make drama out of this. You got muted, by mistake for which I apologize. It’s true I don’t care that I muted you, and I still don’t.

I was not high btw. Don’t use that as an excuse for behavior :slight_smile:

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Its ok…but i didnt see u apologise for mistakenly mute…its ok if you say this.
after you people say sorry man he was high …thats why i told that
its not making a drama out of this…but u have responsiblities here and u should behave for this…
That was really bad that you said u dont care about muting me…( cuz u didnt say sorry or apologize ) or i didnt see that…

Let it go. It’s just a mute not a ban. It’s been couple of days and it’s better to move on. Avoid each other and you should be fine. If there is unfair ban, we have forum to process these matters. For now, I’m closing this topic.

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