Add some maps

de dust became so boried can u @Nofear add some maps example : de inferno

and thanks

We did this not too long ago. People made it very clear that they only want to play De_Dust2, so we removed other maps.

We might open a public server with map rotations if there is demand for it.

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wait a bit @sor3a. we need to increase our player base. If we keep on rotating maps, we keep on loosing players. People in forum always say they want to play other maps here. And we have been stupid enough to try to make people happy hahah. Why, I say this? It has been many times we tried changing different maps and we keep on loosing players. And guess what? Some of these players who asked for different maps are now regular in other servers playing de_dust2 only and they left csmundum because they think our servers are not full.

I think people liked Inferno when we had other maps. Maybe atleast Inferno could be added at some point. When playerbase is higher.

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Sir, yes sir :). Ill try to add inferno this week when we have enough players. It needs a plugin to count players and allow map change to de_inferno. I tested counting players on round start and it gets buggy. But, Ill add another plugin that counts players at round end and hope that wont be buggy :slight_smile: