Admin abuse

@pikuu you wanna say something about that.

a community member wanted to join so i kicked a random laggy noobs (0 kills 15 deaths 100+ ping) i ended up kicking the wrong guy and said sorry to the player, he understood
sorry if i upset you with my reply PDX, i was messing around

My little niece @pikuu, though it’s a small issue and you acted in good faith, as an uncle I can only advise the right direction coz that’s my duty.

I personally had told my friends to wait many times, coz I didn’t want to kick anyone in public server. Unless, someone is lagging too much, I wouldn’t kick that person. Bots are people too and we all started somewhere.

@PDXxanderr, ask the moderators to talk to the admin first or send me the demo if you think something is unfair. We are all friends, try to resolve matters peacefully at first coz we are all friends.

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Understand your way of thinking @pikuu , we need to be careful with those kind of acts , good that you apologise for the misstake and please be respectful on what you respond in this case when @PDXxanderr aske why , all players shall be respectful while playing in our servers , specially admins should set a good example in how to act even tho you say you were "messing around " by that respond and ther is alot of players that might not take that conversation as sacastic as you think so please think twice before typing/acting :slight_smile: , @Nofear stated it perfectly , @PDXxanderr thank you, you are doing the right thing of reporting this . again as nofear said lets solve problems peacefully as possible :slight_smile: we are all here to have fun and have a good relationship to one and other :grin:
Much Love Zuttie-_- :heart: