An honored mention

Well how do i start guys,

Most of you work all day just to get home and relax kicking ass on your Pc on mundum after work or even just in weekend but has a reader and believe me i read a lot i being around mundums posts and man, i knew that @Nofear and to do a lot but i never believed it was só much man. I am not new at this point i joined like almost 16 mounths ago but finally i can see behind the doors. Nofear i Guess this post is for you man, for really giving a lot to a comunity u created and a lot of this guys and ladies have helped to raise. Man i deserve well and hope i can One day contribute with my best efferts for it too. It might seem a little clumsy for me but yes i do like to mention the work you do cause everyone needs to realize you are part of are best hours of fun. I mean cause of you i vê meet a lot of people including Master Obi Rossonero Kenobi. Just wanna say thanks for real and the Next time someone tries to bring a word to the website remenber how hard this guy workerd and workes for running it. Adm and Moderators u too do a great job guys dont feel bad about it too. Just lets keep having fun and enjoy every momento. Who knows some day we might really meet face to face


I refuse to take any credits that doesn’t include our moderators. If it wasn’t for moderators and some beloved friends, csmundum would have shut down long time ago.

I know you mean well but it takes a lot of contribution from lots of people to make things happen. Yes, my ugly persona is in the frontline. But I cannot simply keep on going without my friend s love.

I am sorry yesterday I was telling at people for leaving. I should have known better. My apologies .

Closing this topic coz i believe it’s a community that keeps us going not one single crazy fuck Nofear