Another days passed - ILLEGAL ACTING

Another day passed today
Just want to remember you that these admins here are doing illegal stuff
Even though i did not hack and i showed screenshots & demo of me not hacking they still did not unban me
And i repeat it here. My ban came exactly at the time when i killed many experts (Admins) many times here
Why they ban me ?
How do i know. Maybe they don’t like someone who is better then them and who kills them
Should i let admins kill me during the game ? Is that what you want ?
They also blcoked me from this forum

Here is my topic where i uploaded screenshots & demo
Somone asked me about my age but i don’t know who is acting like a kid here ? Is it me ?
If feels like there is a football game and a kid don’t want to play fair just because the ball belongs to him. Things must change here. We are not kids

Screenshots + demo are here

Haha. A toxic person like you of whom I received thousand complaints from good admins want to show the world who we are. You were banned for toxicity. No unban for you. Check other thread and don’t come back. There are thousands of other servers. No need for reappeal.

And our forum has spam detection mechanism. Your dozen topics were flagged by the system haha. Goodbye

Banned for toxicity ?
I hope you are jocking because in the whole world there is no such a ban reason
I will continue protesting against this unjustice
You all here know that it is unjustice but you deny it because you don’t like that someone who is better than you plays on your server

This is not world. This is csmundum. Instead of apologizing, look at your attitude. I hope you grow from this. Bye

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