Apology to Air_well

im sorry for saying all those things to you .
My fault sorry . Shouldn’t say what i’ve said . I should respect u . So sorry :slight_smile:


i wont be in server or forum that much as before for a month or two. i am involved in many projects of my life. Ill come around to fix and do changes in server and to kill you sometimes. But our moderators will be looking after the server when they have time. they have the ultimate authority and say on things here. please respect moderators and dont bring private stuffs public. @Air is my best friend and i entrust him for all the decisions in this server. Disrespect him again and you disrespect me.

In this case, I leave it upto @Air to decide on this matter. its upto him to give you second chance or not. You mean a lot to me @MESSI. but if @Air doesnt forgive you there would be nothing i can do.


First if you want to Apology don’t Apologies to me cuz I already forgive you when you said those things.

Second if you want to fix this you should Apologies to the others ( and you know to whom I’m talking about) if they forgive you then everything it’s gonna be Okay.

Third since wcs to csmundum and now in this new forum it’s mean 2 or 3 years Messi ( I’m not a kid I know how I can read people page by page and I do it well)

in both of way have an awesome life

you got till Sunday morning or everything it will be set up as before

show me your respect and I will give you mine with an ultimate


Messi you are welcome here again to your family … and bro shit can happens between family You are unban … and sorry about it :slight_smile: but watchout buddy, have nice game

ps: plz don’t do that I hate myself when I do such thing like that I mean war things

topic closed


Oh messi, you need to grow up. My dream would to be see you posting the picture of your kids here one day. But dont go on making kids now. For now be a good boy and wear condoms ok? love ya :slight_smile:

Air my big hearted brother from another mother and father love ya love ya love ya :slight_smile:


I love you more than you think buddy :slight_smile: I mean lots :slight_smile: that’s why I do anything :slight_smile:


wow what happen here ?! :L

lol lot of thing happend xd

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Dark memories

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