Are you stupid?

If i was unable to make screenshots myself from my game and i proved it, how do you think that you can make it through the server ?
Think logically


Just give a clear answer and do not escape from reality and proofs

Talk with proof language
I have prooved that my game did not save your screenshots or demo
What proof do you have ?

As i see you have nothing to say because you have no proofs
I showed you proofs and all you showed me are stupid words
I understand now. It’s jealousy.
You people can play cs for all your life but you will never become as much good as me

Relax its just one game server. Our server rules states that if someone is unable to upload demo we cannot unban. I understand it could have been that you genuinely were not able to find the demo. But also, there is an equal chance that you had deleted your demos and later you made a video after tweaking your cs settings.

let’s say you are innocent, but this is no way to protest. Its stupidity. I will give you 2 days of cooldown from this forum and if you apologize properly we will discuss with moderators and maybe unban you but no guarantee. They say there is no cure for stupidity. Im willing to bait on a chance that you are not stupid but just angry hahah

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He has been silenced until tomorrow. @moderators :wink:

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Thank you for understanding
I understand that the admins here are trying to do their job properly
But in the previous update i’ve said that my gave was fixed now but they ignored that.
Yes there is a chance that peopel will delete their demos and say they do not have at all but the video is showing that screenshots (or demos) are not saved at all to my cs folder
Now i have fixed the problem and screenshots can be made anytime. So they can observe me anytime, make demos, screenshots as much as they want and i will upload all here
Yes i’m 100% innocent and you do not have to apologize if you are innocent but if there is something i will appologize about then it’s using those insulting words
Yes i apologize for using those insulting words and hope this will be solved soon

You haven’t proven nothing just to make that clear. It’s not our fault you were not able to provide demo. I’ll ask @toast the admin who banned you if he is willing to give you second chance.

Drop your steamid

What exactly should i prove or do ?

I said give your steam id

Here is My ID

OK I’ll message to @tOAst. He will respond to this and make his final decision

I also have made a demo that shows my smart playing before i got blocked but they did not admit it
Here is my selfmade demo

hello I want to show generosity and for that I agree to unbanned you … currently at work I can’t do it for you !!! @Nofear can you do it? Thanks a lot

is this sorted out ?

Thank you so much
Now you can make as much screenshots and demos as you want and i will post here

Not yet. I’m still banned
Can you sort it our please ?

Still banned !!!
Why !!!

Unbanned. Topic closed and answered in other thread