Arguably one of my all time favourite song

It’s probably the nostalgia talking here, but every time I hear this song I remember my self as a kid (12-13 year old) stealing my uncles walkman (I remember clearly, it was Sony hahah) and maiden self titled album cassette and play it all night just to get my ass whooped the next day.

But this song ticks almost everything for me, especially that 80s vibe, killer soulful solo and great performance by maiden’s original frontman Paul Dianno.

Hope you’ll like it.

Nice pick :slight_smile: love iron maiden. one of my fav band :). one day i came home when i was a teen and i found my 4 year and 7 year old cousing head banging on my iron maiden cds :). 4 year was with my guitar in my bed singing blaaa blaaa blaaa. hahahha. Lot of memories you reminded me of :). Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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