Attention mix players

Ok, we need to have clear picture of what we are aiming for, otherwise it will get very sophisticated and won’t last.

  • Everyone, likes to play game to relax. One or two games is medicine but too much everyday is drugs.
  • Focus on your life in the day and make sure you got your important tasks done. That’s why we play on evenings.
  • Try to not leave in the middle of game unless something important in your personal life needs attention.
  • People who are interested but you see people already playing, join the mixQ channel in discord. When the game is over, we have wonderful people who will give you chance to play.
  • Remember, if we get more players, we can make as many servers as needed.
  • About, demo. We will try to make an automatic system where each match gets recorded and gets sent to a website from where you can download. Demo names will be map name and time in France.
  • Gaming is for fun. Getting too attached to it and leaving your life in mess is not what we want. Please, create a balance in your life or you will be unhappy and it will affect us all
  • feel free to say you are busy. Also, if some of you have different time schedule, you can find people and create your own mix group. Server is there and we will give you access.
  • Also, public server is there to play sometimes when you are not sure you have time for mix.
    Much love
  • Csmundum Staff