Awp limit is 2 per team now


Upon request of some retards here :rofl: :rofl: , I and @tobii updated the vip plugin so that there can be no more than 2 awp per team. Following are the details

  • You cannot buy awp from the buy menu now. Awp can only be purchased from vip menu
  • There doesnt exist a plugin that limits awp per team and works with vip plugin at the same time
  • We decided to modify the vip plugin to decrease the overload of adding a new plugin entirely.
  • At the end of each round people who have awp will be stripped off awp and have to get it again in next round. It is a workaround for technical reasons to make it simple with less code and less stress to the server.

If there are any bugs please report here…

@tobii I added the vip2020.sma in the scripting folder for final code changes.


ello, cannot use awp :{ when i click 3 to buy awp, it takes me to get ak or m4 @Nofear

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Fixed. forgot to put the awp limit to 2 instead of 0. Thank you :slight_smile:

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working! thanks @Nofear <3

Finnaly , good job friend!

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@Nofear @tobii well done guys :slight_smile: tho I dont know if it was needed to do that in that kind of limit :slight_smile: but hey the complain has been sorted out lets see what next will be regarding awp xD

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