Banned for Aim apparently

Hi all,

Just got banned for Aim. Not sure how this happened as I hardly hit anyone when playing ;-).

Should I provide demo?

hi @OGK_Nu1L
upload your demo bro

Hope the link works

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THANK YOU for posting ur demo, for me u r clean but we need to see screenshots coz amxban he take ss before u get banned
upload screenshots

Where would I get the screenshots?
Is it this one?

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He is not cheating IT’S BEcause of LAGS. I saw the warms 1 time and speced him.bUt he is clean


Your are unbanned :wink:


Thanks, drawback of being in the wrong side of the world :grinning:


It’s happened again. Another AIM detected ban. Seems that AMX does not like me.

It seems your non steam is buggy. Get another one

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