Congratulations The Warriors

The tournament was won by Warriors. The last match was played against “The Oldies” with warrior wining on two maps i.e. de_dust2 and de_inferno. And as for now, warriors are the defacto winners :). The line up was changed all the time because of “no show” from some players in time. Anyways, below are the players who participated as “The Warriors” team in the tournament.

@rob @Geten, @no.4, @Othmane, @Fifou17-Dz, @Kassem_Ben and @Zuttie

Thank you all for who participated in the tournament and making it a success. We still have one final match for second place this sunday sometime.

The match was organized to encourage people to play 5vs5 matches and to push them to be a better player. In many ways, we succeeded though, we had people who signed up and didnt show up in time in multiple occassions. The team were all mixed up and unbalanced so those who lost dont need to feel bad at all. The teams were uneven in terms of skills. We hope people will be encouraged to form teams and play 5vs5 in our server. All vips and admins will have access to mix servers whenever they want to play.

After sometime, when our players are used to playing 5vs5 matches, we will organize a more balanced tournament. And the team have to take their own initiative in finding the apppropriate time. And as we have mentioned clearly, the tournament will complete with or without you. So no room for delays next time :).

Thanks once again for participation

  • CsMundum Staff

Congrats guys and thank you @Nofear and @gOldy & CsMundum Staff Great organization


Congratz boys to the no.1 place ! and thanks for having the trust for this bot to help you out :smiley:
Well played well deserved

Much love Zuttie-_-