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Having 10 kills 0 deaths while being a camping awping scum equals 1 kills and 10 deaths with ak/m4 or any other weapon tbh​:heart:


Being “good” with the AWP has a higher skill curve than playing with the AK/M4.


Yea, but this server has very few awpers i would consider good :man_shrugging:t3:

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You think awp is easy ? . Me on general I use Awp just for lAg . Cuz if I use ak or M4, I need 30 shoots to kill one because bullets are going in air . About camping . There is lot yea . Even me sometimes camp with awp tbh . But most of time I even rush with awp lol


It is fucking easy. you see people like pumpkins. awp for noobs @gOldy. why you need 30 bullets when you can kill with one?

Anyways, @Geten is referring to bots who camp with awp on T base, or go b site and hide behind the box. They would do anything to get easy frags and feel good about themselves.

You don’t really seem to understand that AWP is in fact much much much more harder to master than rifle. AWP is a 1 shot kill sure, but if you don’t hit that shot you’re pretty much dead.

Seems to me that you’re a noobie :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly @gOldy :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

I can appreciate a good awper in a 5v5 settings when there are more room for outplay. In an overcrowded d2 server where you need your smokes or flashes just to get out of long or reach short you are a sitting duck when there are 2-3 awpers at A + infantry.

Awping in pub=bot
Awping in 5v5 = legit


yes that is why i don’t play with it :confused:

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Alright, want to know the truth? Any weapon takes time to master. Playing with AWP you have to adjust to different play style. It is uncommon and few people take the time to master it but it doesn’t mean it requires more skill. It’s just people just take it to get some frags and don’t fully play it to master it.

Saying AWP requires more skill is horse crap. Every weapon has its advantages and disadvantages. Good players know when and how to use them.

AWP shots look cool in YouTube videos that’s all. But, without good support from other players an awper is nothing. It’s just a part of the whole game that’s all.

It’s good to take time to master it but so is also ak and M4.

to master a way of counter an awpér is skills , else I would not say more about it xD

Shoulder peeking is not as effective in 1.6 either since you can just put the crosshair on the corner and when the shoulder pops you just hs them through the wall anyhow​:man_shrugging:t3: Sometimes even get 2 kills at short because the server is so overcrowded

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Bottom line, don’t use AWP too much in public. It’s ok to use sometimes to brush up your skills. But, if you use AWP to get frags, don’t bother about winning a round, then it is perfectly alright for people to call you bot.

Awping in public too much is lame. You cannot shake that off. No justification


is this an entire topic about me ? :))))))))))))))

I rarely even see you on the server enough to be bothered by you?

I said shake that @off :joy::joy::joy:. Now @ShakeyourAss will also join in this conversation lol

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He will join and shake it for us to close all this conversation with smth beautiful in last

Just rush with the awp on the public servers, makes it more fun anyway. Camping with awp or just a camping sound user on a public server is not much different :joy: it’s public

coming from the guy sitting pit 90% of the round as T :smiley:

I’m not a sound user. And seeing your hiding at site using your sound to get the biggest advantage, then wonder why I do it :wink: