Demo of GoodFellas vs The Warriors


Here are the two demo files of the match from Hltv recording. The game was 2-1 with Warriors winning the game. GoodFellas won the first match de_dust2 but lost the last two inferno and nuke.

Sorry, de_nuke demo got corrupted because of my own fault, i tried to download it while the game was near to an end coz i was going to bed. My apologies. The Warriors could you please upload your demo especially @rob @Geten and @numeriukas, coz you fuckers were top fraggers.

As a viewer, it was easy for me to see what went wrong in the game. @Kassem_Ben was pushing like a bot and so was @Fifou17-Dz in dust2, and Goodfellas took advantage of that in dust2. However, in inferno, they failed to punish them for their bot rush and instead got taken by surprise. It was everyones fault. It was so easy to punish them, if they realized what was going on.

Anways, the game was intense and so much fun to watch :). Good Game guys :slight_smile:

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you should have nuke demo too. only hltv was corrupted hahah. but its ok, if someone likes to ask for someone’s demo ask me privately, ill try to get them for you

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