Demo uploads

Hello everyone,

Just a quick rule update regarding demo uploads.

From now on all demos will be uploaded to We will only accept demos if they’re uploaded on filefm, no other 3rd party webhostings are allowed.


Can we better use , its much more easyer and No stupid right clicks or what ever! Fast upload and Download speed!

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Alright, good suggestion!


What stupid right click? It’s a creative right click.:joy::joy::rofl:. Took you half n hour to think outside the box. Isn’t that right @Zuttie? :joy::joy::joy:.

Anyways, sites like @krissbek mentioned where you can upload and download files fast without having to sign in for a fuck book and less advertisment would do fine :slight_smile:


EXACLY! As i told u! In my motherland they know what they are doing… :smiley:

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haha @krissbek IQ 10000 right klick and u got it xD no @gOldy dont fall for his stupid sites xD

What is this bullshit right click blabla bla… In now days we should get easy DOWNLOAD and Goo! not like - O shit i clicked left click now i have some porno shit… :DD Thats a shit web site… :smiley: belive me.

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How much commission you get for one click? :joy::joy::joy:

SHUSHH! Noone has to know about it. :smiley: