Dont be dumb

Change map to dust_2 when less than 10 players. you are gonna get all our players to leave :). new maps is good but those who like to play it only come at evening.

Ill create a plugin that automatically does that soon. Meanwhile change to dust_2 fuckers haha. also, ill add new maps, cs_italy and mirage.


especially when we play with awp in Aztec they all leaving …
any way Italy is my home :blush::blue_heart:


I Vote for no for Italy . No one like it . It won’t be a good idea .


Agree with messi

mirage is the best map :slight_smile:

MIRAGE , YESSSS! Thanks!!!

Or can we try dust1? But Italy is fine for me :slight_smile:

italy :nauseated_face:


SINCE there will be FREE GUNS…NO FEAR for less MONEY…I think Ct’s will kill hostage just 4 fun…even i would do so …SO adding hostage map isnt a good idea i think…just an opnion :thinking:

italy? Fuckers who play for terrorists killing all hostages lul :rofl:

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we r playing e our Cyber server this map , an the owner put a plugin I think …
one someone kill otage he get ban for 15 min so it’s not a big problem here :blush: