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Hi moderators ccan activate my vip?

you havent paid. can you give us your paypal account info if you have?.

i think top3 actiwe players hawe free vip for month or i miss something?

what nick you play with? moderators will add your vip if it is true


i was top3 longest time player on december

check stats from december and mesage me

All of the moderators play regularly on the server. I’ve never seen you in the public server before.

Need to check up on the stats.

ok mate i changed nicks on server

i playing on server every day and i didn’t see you with that name ever. mate

How do we know which nick? We need to confirm with our regular players on the nick you provided. Stats gets reset and since it was new year we were too drunk to check stats on 31st.

@PDXxanderr says he hasn’t seen you. I’ll check with others

even if he was playing in our server,there are no chance that he was top3 player cus i chek it almoust everyday

Ok whatewer

Same here i checked stat everyday never saw you …i saw pdx kb bixi prishtina top 4 or 5…play in this month and deserv it dont comes here to lie us :slight_smile:

lol i dont lie i changed nickname 6,7 nicks i hawe and not for admin top3 players but i thinks about most actiwe players i was top2 on december 3 days 12 h i dont wana fight lol its just a vip but yeah

:sunglasses:chill out

next time dont change ur nick :smiley:

No one is fighting we are here to finde solution :slight_smile: we are moderators and admins everyday cheking server and forum we didnt saw u thats why we were confused but meaby u right coz we didnt check that time play8ng …we check top10 and else we see who is active for long time in server as we see ur new in our server so wlc here play more and u will win free admin or vip :slight_smile: enjoy :grinning:

hehe next time i will make picture of stats:} but not problem im here to hawe fun:}}


it dosent mater if he changes nick,everything is counting on steam id i think cus i see many ppl changing names like messi dose but still i can see that its him

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