Faking ping is the best solution?

hi all , i know that the high ping matter was brought earlier by @404 , but i think he got a point , sure u guys could put a fake ping out there for random players, but what about us ? CS MUNDUM followers , the old IP was great , so network and potato pc’s R not to be blamed , if u guys could do something to reduce the ping just so the time between clicking fire button and bullets actually fire out , isn’t obviously an hour :expressionless:
hope that this community keeps getting better we love CS MUNDUM 2 u know :heart:

sincerely : another annoying bot


It’s not possible. To reduce it you have to reduce the distance BTW 2 point. So you have to come in France :wink:


@QeSkiA u live in France but u don’t have the best ping among other players relatively far from France , can u explain me why :thinking::thinking: ?
and i would like to ask @RAMOS since he live here in ALG , is the game working smooth for u ? which config u r using ? u r PC specs ? and interenet provider.
thank u in advance.

In first hand you want to be as close as possible, if that isn’t possible you want the best possible connection and preferably high speed so that you still remain at a relatively high connection even after losses due to distance, wifi, concrete walls, alumunium or whatever may be in the way.

No idea if this is true, but it is what i think of the matter

For example when i had 100/100 internet and used wifi, i would only reach between 30-50 mbit anyhow. And that is often good enough to not lag miserably. When i then increased to 250/250, still using wifi i would hover around 60-80 mbit which is fairly good for gaming (not for downloading shit obviously. Now i use powerline as recommended by @Rob and now i sit at around 220-250mbit.

I would guess it goes like this in priority:

  1. Stable connection (not wifi)
  2. Distance
  3. High Speed to negate losses

hmm…i’ve been using WIFI lately , but connecting to other servers didn’t seem to have any problems , anyway if @RAMOS isn’t having problems like i do , then i would fix it for sure , thank u @Geten.

It’s because other servers make all peoples ping look same. Ours is not entirely fake. It’s some percentage of real ping

Your internet is not our problem. @Geten made a clear cut explanation. Nothing we can do. If it works for you, go play other servers. Good luck :slight_smile:

I don’t have any delays between bullets lol. Do you have a bad pc too?

Now, I’m using a little better internet which is stable and I can easily experience better game. @MESSI and @RAMOS all have bad internet sometimes. They know it’s internet in Algeria coz it fluctuates too much.

We can only create server not buy you an internet or pc

To give everyone a clear picture, our server configuration

Sys-tickrate: 1000 ( 1000 FPS per second)
CPU priority- maximum
Processor Intel Xeon - 3.5
Memory: ( 16 GB)
Internet: 1gb/s with no limits

That is the best you get. Higher rate means it favours people with low ping.

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net_graph 3 in console shows ur ping and loss choke etc , check if ur net/comp makes u get alot of package loss or not , I use 1Gbit (1000Mbit/s ) internet with TP cable from sweden and im at hmm 30 ping approx ,


lol zuttie we use here in algeria 4mbit/s xD and we have ping between 60-120 we live in stone age

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@leon it’s because I use CPL because my boxe Is far away my computer but it’s still better WiFi. And my CPL is 200 mbs max.


i have a fine pc , i should probably stop using WIFI , or leave algeria :sweat:. thank u guys .

Buy cpl bro it’s better. Or 30 meters of rj45 cable :rofl::rofl::rofl:

:smiley: im using my internet at my work thats why I have 1gbit :smiley: else I have 100/100 in my appartment :slight_smile:

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