Farewell and best wishes to dearest brother Sheitan

As the topic suggests, our dearest brother @sheitaN has made a decision to commit his life for a better cause to increase his activity in human rights issues :), and we cannot be more happy for him. Sure, we miss him, but like a family who is sending out a hero, we can only bid him farewell with tears of joy :slight_smile:

Our doors are always open for our hero, if youd like to find somewhere to rest in the future :). You have truly been an example @sheitaN :). Whenever, there was very difficult decisions to be made, you have always given a very non-biased opinion and we could always rely on your judgment. I knew, you’d be better off doing important things for the world than in mundum and I do support your decision whole heartedly :).

This is for everyone as well. We wish that you put more priority in life issues than gaming like our brother @sheitaN. we will be here for fun but life is first :). He wanted to go quietly with a topic on moderator section, but that would be injustice to our old players who have grown to love our brother @sheitaN. We are parting now in good faith and we shall meet again in future in a different crossroad fo a entirely new journey :).

So Farewell my dearest brother @sheitaN and lots of love and respect from your brother in Csmundum :slight_smile:


Thank you @sheitaN for the past years! A tremendous help for our community and a person I truly look up to.

Like @Nofear said, I’m looking forward to your return and hear all about what you’ve done!

Love you brother :hearts:


I wish you the best mate hope we will see you back sometime take care and make the best that this life has to offer :facepunch::muscle:


I wish you the best bro :heart:
Take care :blue_heart:


Take care warm family ! :kissing_heart: