First game results!

Hello everyone,

It sure was a great opening evening of the tournament. We had some sick players in the servers and some great plays were made!

On the first game:

Team Meet Oldies won De_Dust2 with 16-2
Team Meet Oldies won De_Inferno with 16-5

On the second game:

Team Goodfellas won De_Dust2 with 16-6
Team Goodfellas won De_Inferno with 16-8

We’d like to remind everyone that you fully acknowledge that you’re possibly playing 3 games that can take up to 60 minutes or longer each! Leaving the game will result in a week long ban!

We also like to remind everyone to be on time. No one wants to wait! If your game starts at 8:00 pm, be in the server at 7:50 pm!

@S1lver Has been disqualified from the tournament. Members of team buff will get a notification about their replacement.

Thanks for the games everyone! We will let you know when the next games will take place.


Our second game of the tournament was played today.

Team Warriors won De_Dust2 with 16-10
Team Warriors won De_Inferno with 16-4

Thanks for the great first round everyone. We will take some time to reflect and we will update everyone on their next game.