Forum updates

Hello everyone,

Over the course of the weekend we’ve (mainly @Nofear) made some general changes to the forum. The forum should feel a lot smoother and easier to navigate through.

General updates:

  • Changed the categories and topics within to look visually more appealing.
  • Pursed “same styled” categories into one general category.
  • Cleaned up the forum a lot. Unnecessary topics and spam have been deleted.
  • Deleted unused chat boxes.
  • Made the forum easier to navigate for mobile users.
  • We changed some backend stuff to allow us to be more free in changing how the homepage looks. We will start using this feature from now on to deliver more visually and less cluttered topics.

Over the course of the week we will update the forums more and experiment with some new ideas and suggestions.
We’d like to ask everyone to start using the respective categories to their need. We don’t want any spam topics in the general discussion category for instance. Ban appeals will only we handled if they are in the correct category. Doing so will make it much easier for everyone involved.

That’s it for today, if anyone has any suggestions feel free to make a topic in the respective category. :slight_smile:


nice amazing work keep doing the amazing stuff guys
wish you best luck :slight_smile:
you working really hard for family