General individual tips

If we leave aim out of the equation, competitive counterstrike becomes a game of probability. Unlike maths, where probability relies on some definitive formula, in counterstrike, probability of winning can be increased due to smart individual and group strategies.

This guide will focus on individual strategy or if you prefer responsibility as a team player. There are always room for exceptions but we will try to cover basic tips for people who seem to have no idea while playing on pug because they spent too much time on public server.

To do …

Holding site/ guarding bomb

  • As a CT try to go to the same bomb sites every round unless, someone wants to switch or you have made clear you want to play different this round. It is okay to switch, but get your ok with your teammates. otherwise, it will make you loose few seconds of the initial round or in the worst case scenario one bomb site will be rushed by terrrorist because there was one CT missing.

  • While holding the bomb site or guarding the c4, try to say which angles you are covering, so that everyone is not looking at same postion. If you dont have mic, then listen to others and cover the angles which your team mates havent covered.

  • As a terrorist, try not to go hunting too early by going solo. Watch for the timer and make sure the other team cannot retake because of time limit before going hunting.

  • Also, during both holding a site and guarding the bomb, while playing defensively. try to set up a crossfire. Meaning enemy cant shoot you without being exposed from other angle from where your teammate is positioned. Also occasional boost and holding off angles where enemy wont normally expect will help you to surprise the enemy and therefore gaining couple of milliseconds of reaction time.

  • Sometime, as a CT you may want to play aggressively, like awping mid or pushing apartments, but do so after communicating with your teammates. As a general guide, If you want to push, dont push alone. More on this later.

  • Your primary goal while defending the site, is to delay the other team as much as possible so you can call for backups as a CT and as a terrorist you can waste their time. As a CT, try to stay alive as long as possible, meaning sometimes you may need to leave site and get to a safe position if you are at numbers disadvantage. Also, proper utility or grenade usage can delay or damage the other team before push.

Understanding rotation
This is where, we see most average public players make mistake.

  • If one your team mate dies in other bomb site, unless you have been given information terrorists are pushing that side, dont leave your bomb site too early. It could be one terrorist lurking on that side only.
  • If two of your team mate dies, or one dies and you can hear lots of firefights in other bomb site, it makes sense to rotate. As a general rule, if c4 is spotted, try to rotate fast, if not, then if you are a site player go towards mid being aware of some lurking terrorists and if you are a mid player try to get closer to the site maintaining your cover.
  • If you are sure or hear calls, its a rush on other site, then it make sense to rotate immidiately while being aware of lurking terrorist. If you have time only, try to go from different angles (for example: In A rush, do you have time to go to long on dust2 or rotate from b to T base to flank?).
  • If you want to rotate not from the safe side meaning Ct spawn in most maps but from terrrorist side of the map (like bannana in inferno or tunnel in dust2 if its A rush), beware of lurking terrorists. Generally, if you want to rotate from terrorist side of the map, do it with your team mate so that you can trade kill in the worst scenario.
  • Do not try to retake a site alone, if your teammates are alive, try to get into a good position and hold it until your team mates are in position.

Good push Vs bad push

  • Ocassional push, as a CT when you have good economy and rounds, is totally fine to surprise the enemy but do so after letting your team mates know.
  • Normally, sometimes you have to push to counter-strategy or to get information. In these scenarios, try not to push alone, but get a teammate to cover you or vice versa. If the push results in you getting kill and you have a man advantage, throw utilty and fall back. If you push furthermore, you would have lost the surprise factor and if you end of getting killed afterwards, you accomplish nothing. There are exceptions though and everyone has different playing styles which comes with experience.
  • In eco rounds and some rounds where its a team decision to push, dont hesitate and follow your team’s strategy.
  • Decision to push or not to push also depends upon how well you know your opponent and sometimes to know them. For example, what has been their strategy in previous rounds? But in any case, dont make decision alone but with your team.

Entry and support roles

  • If you are doing an entry, dont go alone too far where your team wont be able to get trade kill. Always get someone to throw flash/smoke for you and to trade kill if you die. Your job is to gain information and also to get some entry frags if possible. Prefiring common spots and good crosshair placement is a must.

  • If you are playing a support role, try to help the entry fragger by throwing utility for him/her. And dont be too far away. Be near, so that you are able to trade kill immidiately, if your team mate dies. Or, if your team mate gets a kill, look towards other spots where there could be potential enemy to avoid getting shot from behind.

  • Good entry fraggers, jiggle peek, prefire and wallbang to test where the enemies are.

  • Think about it, you know your team mate dies from an enemy and you know where the enemy is exactly and if he/she is alone, that is the best information you get as a terrorist and you have couple of milli-seconds to act on it before its too late and the enemy changes position.

  • But if counter-terrorists have set up a crossfire situation, it makes sense to halt the rush and use proper utility to block/blind or scare opponent to avoid crossfire and take fights that favours your odds of winning.

  • If you are playing as a lurker, your job is to make noise to distract enemy and gain map control and hold it. Dont go alone rushing like a rambo too early. If you die you accomplish nothing. If one of your team mate dies and have man dis-advantage, depending on how your team decides, try to group up so that you dont end up dying alone. Sometimes, it makes sense to abandon your position and go towards where your team-mates are and sometimes it makes sense to hold your position until your team mates are near to you to execute site take.

When to save your weapons?

  • A general rule, is if you dont have the time to plant the bomb / retake a site irregardless of how many of you are alive, it is better to save your weapons.
  • If you are at man disadvantage, and you are in bad positions and low health, it makes sense to save your weapons. In these situations, if you have time, try to wait and see if oponent makes any mistakes, that may switch your odds of winning
  • But, if you are at significant man disadvantage and have time, see for any mistakes by opponent, but pull out way too early to avoid any risk and save your weapons. But if you are low in health, pull away immidiately.
  • If you are in eco rounds and you have bad positions and man disadvantage, try to get exit kills and steal weapons and run away.

Utility Tips

  • While throwing a flash, always callout so that you dont blind your team mates.
  • If you hear many terrorist coming your site, it is generally useful to throw utility to delay them as long as possible.
  • As a CT pre-nading common spots like “Hut/yellow” in de_nuke and “A ramp” in de_mirage is useful to avoid fast rushes.
  • Counter-flashing means to throw a flash when your enemy throws a flash to blind you. It can help you or your team mate being caught blinded. Counter- flashes are paticularly useful to delay rush to call rotation.
  • Usually, it is better if someone else from behind you throws a flash for you or vice versa.
  • Also, as a CT it is sometimes good to throw flash to get into proper position before enemy rushes, if you have a hunch there is gonna be a rush
  • Smokes can be helpful for crossfire situations(like one enemy at Ct-side and one in B site in inferno) and against strong enemy awp positions (like in “bannana in inferno”). Be careful though, in cs1.6, if smokes lands too close to the enemy they can see through it. Double smoke is better in these situations.
  • Grenades can be paticularly useful if you know there are a group of enemies in a spot. Make sure you have a proper cover though.
  • Do not try to throw utility when enemy is close and you dont have cover. There is a very good chance, the enemy might peek and catch you off guard. Ideally, you would want to throw utility from where enemy cant shoot you.
  • Try to save your utility for retakes and guarding the bomb-site. Do not throw all of them in the beginning.


  • If you want to fake defuse or plant, dont walk/run, enemy can hear, use shift-walk to change your position to surprise enemy.
  • Gun pickup and C4 pickup have same sound. So, you can fake to pick a dropped C4 by dropping your pistol and forcing the enemy to peek. Same sound priniciple can be used in other creative ways.
  • Doors in Cs1.6 most of them can be opened with utility, guns and C4. you can confuse the enemy of your position by dropping your pistol. Paticularly in de_nuke, from inside the yellow, you can throw a pistol to the door to open it. But you have to slightly crouch on the window.
  • enemies cannot hear your footsteps when there is too much gun fire. Also when you drop from a high position, if you fire your weapon, they wouldnt know you dropped. for example de_nuke
  • try to learn the names of different parts of the map, if you dont know try to find a way to describe it. Callouts are useful to give information about yours and enemy positions.

Giving information and strategy

  • If you are dead, keep quiet unless one of your team mate doesnt have a mic to call out the enemy positions from his camera angle.
  • In any case, avoid saying its A rush or B rush until you see C4 or are certain. just say how many enemy you spotted or heard and where and nothing more. if you hear multiple footsteps, simply say multiple foot steps.
  • keep your team informed about flashes and smokes the enemy team throws towards you.
  • While calling strats as a captain, it is advisable to call out names and give responsiblity. Otherwise, people will end up going in same positions and creates confusion.
  • While calling strats, be aware of how other enemy team have been playing. Sometimes, if CTs have been pushing or playing aggresively like peeking mid past few rounds, it is better to counter it first and decide where to go.
  • Sometimes, strats dont go as planned, be fast to recognize it, in mid round and adapt and call your strats.

This guide is by no means definitive and accurate. But, we believe that, for people wanting to learn how to play mix better, it can be a starting point.

  • CsMundum Staff

We welcome your tips in the comment section. Good tips would be incoperated in the guide and the author credited :slight_smile:

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Congrats for this sumary, it is all very clear and smart ! I would suggest few more things :

  • Knife round. Knife round is an underestimate round. However, it is crucial for the rest of the match as winners choose their side on current map which is another determinant of success. Be sure there is no afk during knife round and stay together to maximize your chances to win. It brings me to second point:

  • Sides choice. A lot of players are not aware which map is T sided or CT sided but, once again, it could give you a real start advantage. It has always been a debat topic so there is no unquestionable answer, but from experience I would say :
    de_dust 2 : T map. Even if most likely it is close to 50/50.
    de_inferno : CT map
    de_nuke : CT map
    de_mirage : T map. Even if most likely it is close to 50/50.
    de_train : CT map
    de_cbble : CT map
    de_tuscan : 50/50

  • Defuse tricks. As far as I know, there is 3 ways to trick/fake your defuse and there are all pretty complicated to master as it is technical and you have to do it during an underpressure situation.
    The first trick is to drop your gun precisely where C4 is planted. Jump on it and press “E” (or use button) at the same time. You will hear pickup gun sound instead of defusing sound and you enemy won’t know you are defusing.
    The second trick works only if C4 is planted very close to a box. Drop your gun on the box, just above C4, press + hold crouch and start defusing for few seconds, unpress crouch to pickup the gun on the box. Enemy will hear the pickup gun sound and may think you are not defusing anymore but you are.
    The third trick is pretty much the same process as second one. Before defusing, take a grenade, hold fire button to prepare your nade and right after press “E” to defuse, unpress fire button to nade your grenade while you keep defusing. Enemy will hear the grenade explosion and may think you are not defusing anymore but you are.
    I am not sure to be very clear as it is a bit technical and my english is poor so I may find some videos when I have time and share it here to complete!


I will copy and paste this from a site cus im lazy to type it my self some basic stuff :slight_smile:

I think alot of players do waste money on armor rebuying

Holding a knife will get you maximum speed.
Nope. Although you will move much faster with a knife instead of ak47 or M4, your speed with a knife is the same as with a pistol or MP5. If you want to maximize your speed get a scout - you’ll be the fastest with it in your hands.

The less armor you have the more damage you take.
In fact, not at all. It doesn’t matter how much armor you got left as long as you got it - 100% or 1. Only get new armor when you running low, we recommend to get one when you have less than 20%.


Spawn location

  • Where your team spawns is very important while making strats. If you or your team has bad spawn, it is sucidal to do dry rush coz enemy could be in better positions.

  • As an individual terrorist, if you have good spawn making a fast rush with knife can get you some entry frags.

  • if you spawn behind, always expect enemy to be in certain positions and use utility to counter his/ her advantage. Dry peeking without utility when you have bad spawn during rush is dangerous.

Taking fights ( Good Vs bad baiting)

  • if you are two or three against one, it is better to take the fight. But try to peek from different angles, or you can do a wide peek and the other does a narraw peek at the same time. If one of you hides, you could be called a baiter.

  • if your friend is near the enemy and the enemy is unaware, it is good to peek, prefire hide and repeat to grab enemy’s attention. your friend’s job is to peek and kill the enemy when the enemy is firing towards you.

  • if you are hiding most of the time trying to get perfect back shots, it’s called bad baiting. Baiting is good to distract enemy, not get your team mates killed coz you are hiding. Even if you get an ace after your team mate dies and lost the round, it means nothing. This is the primary reason people say in pug score means nothing.

Last stand at stalingard/ schorched earth policy

  • Get rid of Napoleonic complex. Do not take fights when there are too many enemy and you don’t have proper cover or have time to call back up.
  • same principle for re-peek. If you are alone and you miss shot in mid or long distance fights and there are too many enemies, it is sucidal to dry peek unless you have a friend supporting you. Use proper utility if you want to repeek. Or simply call for backup and fall off to better angle.
  • only, if you are winning by a huge margin such occasional re- peeks are good to demoralise enemies.
  • bottom line schorched earth policy when you are at disadvantage and loosing map control is not the end of world. Make your last stand at stalingard :slight_smile:

and do not take mix so srs, its just a game we are all freinds,

much love and respect <3


To have more speed use a scout. With a pistol or knife you have 250 speed but 260 with a scout.

You’re right some times we can won or we can get raped. And llas you said we are friends bro :heart:

Wow…a lot of advanced tips , but if I’m to ask , boost’s are widely used by pro team’s , at least that’s what I’ve noticed watching famous matches, are boost’s really that importance ? Should we focus or ignore them ?

boosts are useful if your teammates know how to do it. normally while doing boost enemy rushes and kills you. it happens often. knowing how to boost fast and knowing when enemy will push or not is gamesense and sometimes luck. But focus more on other things. Boost can be useful but not must.

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Thanks for the perfect tips…
when i first sign up i was looking for some advice and tips…check the topics and find this great source thanks all who added each word…

when i read all i realize as an amateur i make all mistakes u noticed
going different places every round
playing solo like a rambo:)
and get killed easily and early

after now i will try to practice all i read and play more carefully…
thnaks a lot


HEY? welcome to csmundum :slight_smile: <3

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Thnks Ramos…

WOW… i wasnt expecting tips will be useful like this…
today i played my first game carefully with remembering all i read and try to do

normally i die a lot and mostly i am the most died player on the server:):slightly_smiling_face:
today i always cover site A as a ct and dont hurry…stay with patience and choose a right place for facing the terrorists…
I finish the game with 19-15 ratio
This is not good for most of you pros… but a good result for me on the first game with learning the rules

for example i always send flash and grenade if i am gonna enter tunnel or etc. and its useless…i learned to keep them and use on the right time…
today once i killed 3 with a grenade and once i killed 2…

really really very useful
and totally change my vision about the game

thanks one more time guyz


Your nick bro

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