Go Johnny go go

In mix, When your name comes to be captain don’t sit there crying, why me?

Noone cares you loose or win or remembers how you played last time. I can only remember how I fucked @ujku yesterday :joy::joy::joy:. He might remember it differently. It’s just a game and we are there to have fun and someday we are God and some day bottom fraggers. Just enjoy good friendship :).

And when it’s time to go, fucking go lol. Don’t waste time others are waiting.


I take it the mix after ours didn’t go to well?:joy:

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@krissbek @no.4 wtf he is saying? He is still shocked after losing and with rob is his team is hard to accepting it i k :rofl::rofl:

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@rob was running with scout not even playing serious. But my friend @ujku, even we lost, I fucked you with more styles than mentioned in Kamasutra baby :joy::joy::joy:. Don’t ask for proof from them. Look in your ass, there is enough proof :joy::joy::joy:. Wicked :sunglasses:

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LMAO… The roast!

@ujku Feeling sore yet?

We need to review some demos here!!! @Nofear says he fucked them… He probably meant he’s got his ass fucked while giving shouting at @ujku and training to become a god like @rob and @gOldy… EVEN THOUGH THAT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN