GoodFellas vs Team Buff DEMO'S REQUEST!

∎ Brutality1 -
∎ Krissbek / KB -
∎ retu - 2019-10-10_md8jbeck |
∎ NOKs - 2019-10-10_hbf5xz5u |


I salute you and those who arrived in time for the game and sportsmanship :).

@S1lver has been banned for one week for leaving the game. It doesn’t matter he was lagging or not ( though we have evidence he was not). He should have asked or waited until replacement was found or actively searched for replacement. It was pure selfishness and disrespect towards us.

For teams and players yet to play, please connect to the server at least one time before the tournament to check everything is ok. And, at least practice basic things like spray and your flicks before one day. It doesn’t matter you loose or don’t get a kill. What matters is you came with right attitude to play your best and did some preparation for your team in your own way.

If you are running late, at least log in to forum and say precisely how late you will be. Why should 9 other players wait for you not knowing when you gonna show up. That is pure disrespect.

The reason, we are saying this is we invested lot of time and effort to make it happen. We did our part. Now it’s your turn. If you care about this community then please fulfill your commitment. Otherwise, you are too ego centric and selfish and we have rights to take action.


Still idk how to save and upload a demo guys so be patience with me.

Figure it out yourself. You have time to write so much yet you didn’t read so many topics about demo? Hard to believe. Don’t reply below


· tobii - [mix_buff_goodfellas_tobii | Demo de_dust2, de_inferno @ mix 2019-10-09. |]( link to the .zip containing the demos)
Link expires @ 2019-12-09!
I put them in a .zip for faster downloads. If anyone has the HLTV demo for any of the games, please post it here!

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Hltv Demo for GoodFellas vs Team Buff can be found in this link. There are both demos there. Unforturnately, for Team Oldies vs The Best demo did not record. Didnt have time to check the settings of new Hltv server. Will fix it soon.

It was a very good match and I enjoyed it a lot watching from hltv :). Good Game Guys :slight_smile:

HLTV Demos- GoodFellas vs Team Buff

there you go :slight_smile:

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