Got kicked for no reason and then banned

Ujku you need to stop abusing your admin rights , just after killing him he kicked me , i reconnected he didn’t even tell me why , i called him idiot because he is an “idiot” , and i got ban for 2hours just becausei called him "idiot"and till now i don’t know why i got kicked .
You need to learn how to use your admin rights or just don’t use it at all “idiot”!

upload demo and i will show the reason ! u got kicked for reason :retry: told u to not do that …u just came and said dont kick me more idiot ! thats not a good language ! u killed me coz u did retry ! just accept when u diee when for others okay not our foul taht u die in 2 sec and u wanna play again in same round is not allowed ! i told u in admin chat but u cant see nthg there and i told in public dont call me again idiot and dont do retry but meaby u didnt read i can upload my demo too so u can watch it !!! rules are like this if u dont like dont play here ! and dont call me anymore idiot or anybody here! cheers now chiill 2 hours and come back to play !

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first of all , i don’t have the old demo because i reconnected .
Secondo , i use hud_saytext so i don’t see the chat .
You kicked and you want me to be happy with it ? come on !
I know the rules better than you do , and if i reconnected because i was kinda afk and got killed .
You could have warned me in vip chat since the beginning but no, you just kicked me .
You disrecpected me ,ofc i won’t be happy about it , and it was idiot move from you .
Next time make sure to warn the player before kicking him and make sure that he sees your warning!
and i didn’t play twice , i died in T spawn the first time killed by awp

if u know rules then dont recconect is not only u there are 30 ppl who will be unhappy to see u playing 2 rounds so .u know rules then u should not do that but u did a idiot move next time dont do it …im warnign everyone for that to not do and i said to all admin who do rety ban for 2 h ! case closed riad

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