Happy birhday sheitan :) - nepalese song for you hahah

I got scared when i heard of @sheitaN’s birthday. my mother reminds me when its my sister’s birthday and vice versa hahah. noone to remind hahah. i had not prepared :frowning:

But, as i came home from work, I thought of the strange bond of brotherhood we have formed during the years. Brings a smile in my face just to see you online sometimes :). Thinking that we both are from different culture and heritage, its a blessing to have this bond with you. I thought a lot and bingo it hit me, an originality. Let me share to you my own version of a nepalese song. let me show you how love birds sing in Nepal hahah.

Many many many many zillion many happy returns of the day our sweet brother @sheitaN :). You have been a blessing to our community and have inspired us with your humble nature. you are beast in the game and yet so kind :). May all your wishes come true and most of all may you always have hope :slight_smile:

here is the song called “Dada Pari” by kandhara in my own version.

and here is the lyrics with translation

Dada pari para ghaunma – Far away behind the hills in a small village
ghuras phulne sahara ma – in the town where the red roses grow
baschin meri maya ---- there lies/ lives my love

Goreto tyo dhankne hiunle – In the street that fills with snow
lekaali tyo pankhama ---- underneath a valley
baschin meri maya--------- there lies/lives my love

mardi hai khola tarera ---- after crossing the flooded river
ukkalo saharo cha hera---- look at the steep hill that lies before
sanjha pakha ta ai pungula — hopefully, during the evening ill arrive
timro najarko anganaima — within the reach of your eyes garden
chiya makai hai banayi rakha — please prepare corn and tea for us

gunyu choli ko bhesh ma sajhi diyera – wearing the traditional clothes
lai bari ko bhaka ma nanchi deu na – could you please dance in the tune of lai bari

baduki laagdai hola timlai — you may be having hiccups
ukkalo kaatnai paryo ho — what can i do? i have to cross this steep
samjhi samjhi ma hidi rahechu – thinking of you im continuing my journey
aaiyi na pungdai timlai chumne chu – as soon as I get there, ill kiss you
mathi bhanjyangma basi hai rakha — underneath the tree( where travellers rest) please wait for me

kina ankha timro tyo rasayeko – why is your eyes full of tears
yo ta ansu khusi ko mero ankhako – my tears are full of joy

dada pari para ghaunma


Happy birthday devil :blue_heart: we love you :heart:
I wish the best for you bro :heart:


H_day bro wish ya all best in ur life <3


Happy birthday sheitan my bro :heart: wish the best .


bon anniversaire Sheitan


Happy birthday @sheitaN :heart: God Bless you

Is that your voice uncle :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: Lovely voice :heart:


Happy birthday Sheitan. :birthday::partying_face:


Joyeux anniversaire @sheitaN :birthday: :smiley:


Joyeux birth day mon pote !!! Profite bien !!! Pour l’occasion je te laisserai me cut :rofl::rofl::rofl::heart:


Happy birthday Satan wish u allllll the best bro… I’ll give u ur gift soon u deserve it mate :joy::joy::joy::joy::hocho::hocho::hocho::hocho:


hepi börtdey @sheitaN :hatching_chick: now u can be my university teacher, not high school xd :tipping_hand_woman:t2:


happy birthday sheitan :slight_smile: wish u a great life ;):wink:


Wow mam, this song… what a delight for my ears ! It makes me want to leave the hubbub of city life to return to my roots (and I am serious about this !). Anyway, your song touch me deeply and I can not help but feel kind of nostalgic, in a good way ! You are very talented and your voice convey sweet emotions.

And your words means a lot brother ! Even if we both are from different culture like you said, I already told you I was surprised how often you were reading me like an open book ! Feels good reading each others minds, right buddy ? Anyway, I feel very gratefull to found, 3 years ago, this community you built up and for which you are still hard working to keep it alive.

Many thanks for your words and this wonderful song !

And thank you all for your warm words and thoughts, it goes straight to my heart !

From sheity with love :kissing_heart:


Haha. Glad you liked my birthday present :). Should have practiced a bit more. Messed up the timing and vibrato haha. It’s my own rendition of an old song a whole tone higher in a slower pace to resonate every words deeper meaning haha.

This world is getting more materialistic every day and it’s sickening. Glad to have friends like you who are friends not for anything else but friendship. Indeed often, you say things before I even my mouth haha. I guess every root teaches morality which teaches us what it is to be alive and human.

This community is alive because of well nurturing from friends like you :). It has been an honour to be at your service sheity haha. Only regret is I wish I could think like you in game haha Satan :).

Love ya :slight_smile:


Oh sorry am late , happy late birthday @sheitaN !


Happy birthday brother @sheitaN , hope you had a blast (pun NOT intended) :smile: