Height in ping

Note: height in ping .
Why ?
Is the reason is updates ?

What is this u got ban or what?

He clearly said he is experiencing an increase in ping :grin:

talk to your internet provider not us. nothing to do with us

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NO,It was75-88 then became 120

I am not alone, but many players.

I have said it thousand times. Latency will be up by 10-15, when the server is full. And sometimes, server may lag for few seconds when suddenly many players join and fire at same time because it has to adjust for sudden change in internet demand.

Other than that latency is purely on your end. I’ll install ping faker like other servers. Enough of giving information to ignorant people. Nothing is gonna change. Just fools won’t have any information coz they don’t know anything :joy::joy::joy:

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Unless the server, is next to you and it kicks players more than 50 ping or it has less than 15 players, few spikes are normal.

All public servers have people like us from most part of the world and I guarantee most servers allow people with high ping more than us.

Only thing is they have ping faker. We will do same. Your ping will be perfect from now :joy::joy::joy:

Most people you talk about are bots who like to blame lag when they die or with shit computer and shit internet.

Get a better computer and internet connection if you don’t want to lag. Few seconds lag in two or three hours is normal

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@404 , provider ADSL probléme i have same probléme, server is good, try with 4g mobile djezzy will be good

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The problem in the flow of Internet ADSL in the country of Algeria only


@sOKo this is mama africa, but not all algeria there is some cities with good ping , at last the probléme in our ADSL @404

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fuck hoda firoun


samir fuck hoda firoun trduction google is ( يمارس الجنس مع هدى فرعون )


I from egypt I must have lag and high ping hhhh

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Hmm…i don’t think that faking ping would be a solution :thinking: i guess many people experience a noticableale delay in the server , and its really a pain in the ass

:disappointed: specially when firing , the bullets are clearly delayed .
i miss the old ip :sob:

@Nofear do somthing or we will come after u with real ak-47’s :grin::grin::grin:

I don’t think faking ping is a a solution to anything but stop people from complaining about ping… Obviously only those who don’t know about fake ping will fall for it

P.S even with nice ping, the hitbox suckes :slight_smile: since we moved last time and shit started, u aiming the guy head and ur bullets go right and up left and up/down… so, its not about the ping only…

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an other P.S , i do play on arabian server, with 120ping and i can do well, so its not my net :slight_smile:

ok , hope this server wouldn’t loss its credibility , cause it doesn’t take brainiac to notice that the ping is fake , the real ping is shown in the servers menu