Hello folks. Can we enforce 32bit on the server?

Hi guys, thanks for letting me be part of the community, its great to have so many regulars with a good attitude on a nice server.

People who play non steam with 16bit are ruining it for steam 32bit players. 16bit can see through smoke and are laying smokes down to their advantage every round, its just no fair.

there is no need for 16bit in this day and age, every computer can run 32bit, and i think it should be enforced to play with amx, what do you think?

I have played on many servers in the old days, where 32bit was enforced. Every time i talk to someone who is playing with 16bit they are normally a semi good non steam player and they play dumb about it.


yesterday someone killed me 2 times through smoke and i really couldnt understand i dont see him but how he saw me???

really unfair…

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hello, and glad you enjoy our community and people :). yes, it is possible for non steamers to use 16 bit even if we have enforced cvar “mp_consistency 1”, because its client side and there exists no plugin to disable that because its impossible through amxx. There are solutions however, one is to have every client download a software that checks for consistency along with a malware that steals your personal information :).

A more practical way is to test clients with some pictures that can be only seen on 32 bit. We are working on that plugin and the admins will have the ability to test players if they are using 16 bit by typing /test. Thank you for your suggestion and soon we will have the plugin to test 16 bit players :slight_smile:


Plugin is done :). You can ask admins to test players for 32 bit test :slight_smile: