Hey brothers

can you unban my stupid little fucktard bother he is clean and i’m gonna kill him. / MEGA

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who ban him ?

hey bro ; art of pain did that

for ?

i don’t know he just asked him to uplaod a demo i even didn’t find screenshots

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yeah i just saw it on banlist… also he used diff nick, maybe thats why he didnt konw him,

yeah he used dean ambrons something like that

i asked for demo to be uploaded why your brother did not upload the demo watched him for 10 rounds 100% wall hack 3 headshots while being flashed tell me if he is lucky tho

The demo is not the good one. Sheitan is playing :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. But I never saw something wrong with him. Will see with mods

Anyways . Demo must be uploaded .

Still banned by the way

he’s still bot for such things :wink:

i have uploaded the demo