Hey guys

Been so long playing with you all really miss the old days :frowning:
Just dropped by again to be a pain in the ass starting right now :smiley:
Miss you all <3


Also one suggestion change maps after every round or use the other server like the old inferno the first one is a better option as the new players like to see more maps :smile:


its good to have you back ! and yes we are gonna improve this community

Good to have u back niece :). OK, we will try adding maps plugin as soon as I have free time.
There is still work to be done in this forum. I’m thinking of how to make the details better and what to put there.

Good to be back too :slight_smile: <3 maybe start some more tournaments or competitions

Do you still use discord?

yes we have both discord and ts3. we will move to discord permanently. sorry i was away @Trinity

no worries uncle I am here in your absence I’ll take care :stuck_out_tongue:

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im always on discord as u can see :3

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