How many remembers these?

YouTube Annhi 1

YouTube Annhi 2

YouTube Annhi 3

Used to love these when i was younger, they are still insane for their time both the edit and the gameplay

Not to mention this old classic, i still watch it from time to time


super players old days <3, like movie frag or die, and defuse ninja abdi is the best

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I can say, i seen 'em all. @Geten holding the bomb site like a champ :).

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WELL, for me i watch this kind of vd, so i dont do their misstake when im using my cheats hahaha. joke :slight_smile: .i rlly do love watching those vds, i mean now we konw how to ply, my next step is how to catch a fking pro hacker :smiley:

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my old mix mate spawn love the guy , hard to keep focus when you play with him hahaha