If u feel free, please join game to get raped :D

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@RAMOS.failedaccount u have that score because i was not there to kill u…admit that if i was there that score would not have been that nice :stuck_out_tongue:

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hahah maybe.

@RAMOS.failedaccount whenever u feel that u r playing too awesome just remember those 3 kills in a row where i killed u that day hahaahaha

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haha Cmon man u always my first blood :smiley:

omg such a false allegation about me…where is my real m4 i need to take it out and i am coming to algeria for shooting in ur ass for this accusation

ahahah waiting for ya :smiley:

@RAMOS.failedaccount Dont wait for me fucker instead find a place for urself to hide ur ass and pray to god if i reach there i dont find u :stuck_out_tongue:

did u sow today score ? hahaha u was like ohh shietan ! ouh Swa3r! come help me. wht a bi**h :smiley:

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Good for you I got a break :stuck_out_tongue: Else you would’ve been crying with your thumb in your mouth X_x

dear sis trinity miss ya alot :stuck_out_tongue:
no its not good i feel so lonely comeback my ak love to kill indian ppl xD :smiley: dev is not enough hhh need more :joy::joy::joy:

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Time for the golden power to come back ;D


@gOldy waiting for ya :smiley:

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