Impossible dream

As long as your dreams are pure and not of jealousy and within the scope of morality and ethics, dream big, dare the impossible.

To @ujku who is breaking his back in Italy and also to those fuckers here who has given up dreaming, dream again and dream the impossible :). Love y’all all :slight_smile:


U meniton only me so ur missing me a lot :sweat_smile:


I miss you when we have fun mix. @RAMOS is doing well in mix now. You won’t believe what I can do to your head when you comeback :neutral_face::joy:.

We are having lots of fun and it breaks my heart to think of you coming home tired as fuck.

You are in an important stage. It’s just a phase. Beautiful things will come your way and we have plenty of time to have fun. After all, we will always be forever young :).

All the best :slight_smile:


Hehe ramos playing well hmm :thinking: he was wating for me to leave to show his skills :sweat_smile:

Hehe tired ofc cant go to net coffet to make some fun just wating till next month hope i will have my pc here then we can start have fun and i will see new god of cs :sweat_smile: miss u all :heart: hope will be back sooner i miss game a lot take care broda :muscle:


im smaching heads with 120 ping :smiley:

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