Its been long but nobody took action

OKAY i dont know who ever is hussam but what i know about him he is a fuckin cheater…everyone knows here he has used his admin powers to ban innocent people and today as well he banned CRONALDO for aimbot…wtf is wrong with him…he neither specs nor say anything…and why the heck he always see someone using aimbot and thats the only reason…and u guys know…that not every unknown players like red can come to forum to report coz some of them leave forever and as far as CRONALDO was concerned he wasnt aiming…he has been playing since many days and i have seen him…maybe today he was using and husam was right…but my point is why is he banning people without any reason,without any conclusive evidence and more important why hasnt anyone talked to him yet since it happened many times …He banned gurminder, RZH, and red and few more without any reasons and that cant be by mistake if he had have spec them for atleast 2 rounds/…that just means he is having fun banning people


and plz someone unban that CRONALDO coz i am 100 % sure that he wont report coz i have never seen him talking on server so the probability that he will report is very short…

Its actually not Husam, but his little brother.
Dont need to discuss, leave him VIP and remove Admin.

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Ive made him VIP. Someone just reload admins pls.

If NoFear wants to make him admin again, he can do it himself.

I’m going to ban Husam


Husam is a very very dear friend of mine :). Sorry I was away. Maybe he is going through some phase in his life. I have been away for sometime and will be away for a while. need to focus on my life. Maybe he missed his old friends who dont greet him. I dont know. I am sorry for husam’s action. I apologize on his behalf. I’ll talk to him if i see him online. And moderators cannot act alone, you have to vote.

And besides, this is the first time I see him doing this. Dev thank you for reporting. Action has been taken but I disagree with harsh actions. We have so many memories.

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Making him temp VIP until the desicion will be made is not harsh, but honest and logic.

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listen im talking to moderators to go easy on him. no intention of talking to you ever.

Oh well excuse me that Ive posted something. I am so sorry. I will try not to post where you are replying. I will go in the corner now.

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this is so dumb fking hell


I said the truth. You are wrong to say I ban husam. In many years I haven’t seen husam banning randomly. Must be something. I said I apologize coz I know the guy. I didn’t support his action.

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Being there for a friend is what friendship is about. No need to support wrong action. But I created this server for friends like him. He was one of my were few of of you.

Alas, waking up to a grim reality

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Am I the only one who doesnt understands what @Nofear is talking about?

“You are wrong to say I ban husam” - what is this?
Oh I get it! If person makes a joke, but doesnt states that its a joke, you will think its srsly. WOW! :smile: Its so simple and you are making somekind of strange topic out of it…
I will break it down for you:

  • Dave made a concern

  • Ive temp made him VIP, until you will come back and decide what to do.

  • Jain made a joke (yet again, you didnt got it)

So I just dont understand what are you on about?

enough install enough im done with you.

Excuse me?

What did I done?

you may no longer reply to between me and moderators. so shut ur mouth up.

and i dont think this is a joke on serious topic.

:smiley: :smiley:
You can talk like that with your imaginary girlfriend and not with me, prick :wink:

lets do it install.

alright boy you are silenced for one day