Hello everyone it’s RAMOS’S (Mahmoud) birthday . Wish him happy birthday .

My brotherrrr . Happy birthday dayyyy wish you all the best in your life . For now I wish you to get married :smiley: . God bless you :rose::heart::heart:


Hahah true messii ramos come on bro finde someone and marry her getting old, time is flying and u still with us playing game come on bro 46 years old is good age to marry or u will die alone :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


nvm i’ll find someone like me i wishh nothingg but the bestt for uu bot :dökfkdkdk again, from here happy birthday Ramoska :lollipop::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


ty @MESSI @pikuu @ujku means alot <3 :slight_smile:

about the wife, dont worry fkers i did broke the box long time ago, so i guees it ur time :joy: and marrieg is not just thing we do, its more then that, to reach that point u need to have the key of the Golden cage :slight_smile:


Ramos talking with big words omg im shocked haha :sweat_smile::joy::scream:


hahaha tiki tiki boom :joy: :rofl:


My dearest brother @RAMOS :). It brings me great deal of pleasure to wish you very best in your life from the bottom of my heart. You have always been beside me and I have been beside you. There were dark times, but we stood for each other and here we are. Another saga and adventure continues…

Sure, we have disagreed upon who is cheating and who is not and who should be admin and who should not and minor things. But, we both know and accept our differences peacefully :slight_smile:

We have great memories together and we shall create great ones in the future. You have been a great moderator to this community who never takes things personally :). You are a very nice person and I suggest you to go after good girls lol. We have bad experiences but it doesnt mean world is like that. There are so many nice people out there doing nice things. Just change your circle if its making you believe negative things. There are good girls out there. I have been stupid enough to take them for granted and not see the beauty that lay before me. Missed many chances man hahaha. Good girls they were. You just have to stop looking in wrong direction :slight_smile:

I wanted to sing a song but the only song that fits is something i never sang before and different style. But, i sure will give it a try in the weekend. I spent an hour on it but I just didnt feel the nerve to dare sing it yet hahah.

Thank you for standing by me :slight_smile:


ty @Nofear all what u said what right :slight_smile: so once again to for all bruda <3

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happy birthday my brother from another mother wish u the best


ty bro

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congratz again mate <3 :slight_smile:

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