Just to remember the old days <3

hello everyone
so am posting this video so we can all remember our old days, and our old pro players
we used to have so much fun together and here you guys can check our SUNSHINE Air_Well and see the videos he used to create for our community.

Air if by any chance you saw this topic we really missed you bro hope you are doing well and you are in good health <3

Beyond your imagination P1 - YouTube ( here some of our Knifes war )
drinkordie. - YouTube ( here our old pro ak player DrinkOrDie )
░░░░░░░Mixed Weapon 10░░░░░░░ - YouTube ( here are some of our best players , Riad , airwell…)

dancing with knives 7 'who's the best ' - YouTube (nofear my bro am pretty sure u still remmber these old days <3 check from minute 5 and count how many times you got knife obviously from me <33 , miss ya bro )

guys for more videos you can check Air well channel on youtube and see all the videos he uploaded :slight_smile:

Cya in server guysssssss


I miss getting called bot by DrinkOrDie :frowning: im so sad


Drink was the legend of his time :heart_eyes:, Didn’t saw any one like him. I miss him and Air_well too​:heart:. Always running with knife to cut us into pieces. Hope they’re doing good in there lifes.
And Good to see you Moumen. :slight_smile::slight_smile:


:heart: AIRY :heart:

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