Hey guys I’ve been absent for weeks now - I know !!!

But! I’ve been super super super busy with music as some of you know and man, life couldn’t be better!

We’re in the Belgium top 50 at place 5 this week, going for place 1 in the coming weeks!

Other album I made is going to 1 million streams
Flashbacks by Ramzi on Spotify

Have a listen, you wouldn’t understand but it’s the music that counts!


The artist is good both in personality and voice :). Music is really trendy and catchy :). Proud of ya :). Go touch the stars my dear @gOldy :). It doesnt matter you reach first or i do. We both will reach it hahah.

Like I said to all of you. This a gaming server. We will be here and meet often. But, Focus on your life. your life is important. noone can make you happy but you. That way you will not be filled with toxic thoughts and our friendship will last for long time :slight_smile:

Once again proud of you @gOldy :slight_smile:

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Had het nog niet gehoord maar luister dan ook nooit naar de radio, klinkt wel goed (ook al is het mijn muziek niet kan het wel apprecieren)

Wens je nog veel succes en plezier in het maken van je muziek!