Need help and advice

I am really not sure if i write the right place or not…
Just a little while ago on the game i asked for admin two or twice but no reply
I dont like to cry like a baby and report everything but this thing really disturbed me
I really like to be here in this nice community and play and have fun in this server
1488 swear me without no reason
i asked why we play 10 to 14 always( there was no balance on teams )
and he replied because fuck you
i said there is no reason and why he is swearing i ll report admin
then 1488 and tobii started bullying me like
oh noo admin…
please report it
i said u cant swear and they really didnt take it serious

Maybe its not a big deal but really pissed me off and i lost my fun of playing…
since im a member and use that server i swear no one or tell bad things…but when i see this really felt unconfortable

Hello , can we see screenshots of what they said if you took . Or the demo ?

Nope…sorry i didnt
The conversation is that
İ wrote why we always play 10 to 14
1488 replied
Because fuck you

İ asked why he is swearing i just ask a simple question…
İ said i will report to admin and then tobii and 1488 started oooohh noo adminn…
Please do that
İ asked ramos if he is admin…
They said hahahahahaha to that
Thats what happened

They were just kidding with you bro . Don’t get too serious . They are nice guys . About the balance no worries there auto balance in the server :wink: . Have fun .

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i thought the same…but after i warned they made no back step…so i would like to inform some one

thanks for your kind interest.

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No problem it’s our job . Have fun and enjoy in our server . Feel free to share with us anything here :slight_smile:
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