Nice ban mark

[AMXBans] You have been banned from this Server by Admin marK.
[AMXBans] There are 23 hours, 46 minutes and 52 seconds left of your ban.
[AMXBans] Banned Nickname: pDx
[AMXBans] Reason: ‘See banlist’
[AMXBans] You can complain about your ban @ Аренда банлистов
[AMXBans] Your SteamID: ‘STEAM_1:1:407691036’
[AMXBans] Your IP: ‘’

@moderators please check the demo to look what he said to me. no respect the players ever

demo : CsMundum_Public

ss : de_dust20001
ss : de_dust20000

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Hi there, you failed the 32bit test a few times after dodgy smoke kills.

I waited until you died to run the test, so as to not “ruin your play”

I tested the test myself in game and it works fine.

I asked you to go 32bit many times.

The information given to me is you give people a couple of chances to go 32bit then ban for a day. this is what I have done.

I also wrote a message for your ban about 32bit smoke and you dont seem to have shown it here.

If you “know people here” and want them to unban you that is up to them. I am just trying to make the server a better place for people to play within the rules.



@marK Has done everything right in this case , I advice you to change to 32bit for now on @PDXxanderr
The rules are this and we all have to go by the rules as I know that you understand :slight_smile:
I will not change the ban in this case , its a warning / punishment for not following the rules.
I hope this will not repeat as we dont want long time members to get permanent bans :slight_smile:

Much Love Zuttie-_-


@Zuttie and i am did everything right .i tell him i am on 32 bit
what can i do to proof it. and watch the demo to know if i am on 16 bit or 32 bit.

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allright @PDXxanderr im sorry for the fast conclution regarding this case , this demo is from a fresh new game I see its round one ,
@marK send me the demo that show that he failed passing the test and your previous conversations.
again @PDXxanderr im sorry :slight_smile:

Much love Zuttie-_-


@PDXxanderr anyone who fails the 32bit test can see through smoke. Since you are a long term player, we advise you to use another version of non steam. Maybe your non steam is buggy. After you installed it go to the server and ask admin or vip to run the test. Noone will ban you if you fail but disconnect if you do and try another one.

Use only the non steam version that passes the test. If you pass, share your link here for future. Thank you in advance for your upcoming contribution :slight_smile:
You are a nice guy and has no problems so far and I’m sure you didn’t know your non steam was buggy :). Love ya :slight_smile:


Hello .
PDx got another non steam C’s and I tried the test on him again and he passed . He didn’t know how to do it at beginning but now did it and passed it
He can play now .

Tried it on @Edward_Newgate too and he has non steam C’s and he passed so I think noks can help too to put his C’s link here .


sorry guys @marK @Nofear @Zuttie @MESSI :heart: :heart: :heart: