No ffs for 10 rounds?

Hello everyone
I played on this server for a time know …
Today Ramos blocked my flash bangs for ten rounds just because one mistake flash
No warning no waiting nothing just because he is a frustrated pro player.
Two issues is that are a lot of admins here who doesn’t respect the others players and insult them just because they aren’t pro frustrated like them and Ramos is one of them
I asked u now is that the policy of this server?
Aren’t the rules for everyone?
Thanks for your answer !!!

Hello there , we und u and u know that teamflash is so annoying and meaby he just did it coz was mad but that dosent mean that he is bad moderator :sweat_smile: i say sorry for that but come on u can play 10 round without flash they passs so easy …and for other admins who dont respect players we need ss and demo.give us prove and we will decide it …(sorry for bad eng) and enjoy the time here