oFF banned?

Hello … wanted to see if i can get some reasons for my ban and maybe proofs if it;'s not too much :slight_smile: thanks . If the server is private i apologize for the new topic and the owner has right to ban as much as i have the right to defend myself :slight_smile:
Thank u :slight_smile:

I believe the admins would only ban you if they suspected that you were cheating, you can clear yourself off by uploading your demo.

They have banned me yesterday when i killed many experts because they though i was cheating
I have provided the necessary demo and screenshots that proves i am clean but until now they did not unban me
They just do whatever they like. They don’t respect their own rules

They also removed all my topics where i posted screenshots and demo and they block my account
They have problem and they are acting exactly like the algerian gang

Your ban wasn’t for cheating King!

Mate @oFF you uploaded wrong demo and almost all admins including me and excluding @tobii think you are cheating in that demo. To me it was obvious. I seen your other demos maybe 10 of them. This one is different. You were wall hacking. Bye

And I’ll not give you the specifics because I don’t want you or other cheaters to know. To admins, I have given explanation in admin chat in discord.

All I can say is because of so many undetected cheat nowadays, we have always relied on 15 plus years experiences of our veteran admins not the new ones.

you asked last demo i have on inferno … wich was previous day because we did not played inferno that day u asked … anyway…
thanks for response . all the best wishes . bye

Finally, well done Nofear. it was loooong time coming for this. Another one bites the dust :wink:

X > happy that u’re happy … hope you have orgasm when you think about it :))


Oops did my comment upset you? Really sorry or maybe not. But unfortunately thats how earth spins, sooner or later end comes to everything. Unfortunately your time seeing, knowing and magic shots ended. Good luck in future venture.

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don’t worry … i got more important stuff to be upset :slight_smile: it is what it is … your thruth will never be the same as mine and that;s how is supposed to be…in a democracy :slight_smile:
anyway … thanks for beeing my fan for along time :))))))

idk why im wasting time … i should be banned on forum too , probably i was curious…