Online courses freebie :)

Hello, I Just wanted to share with you something that I picked up recently, I hope some of you will find helpful, and benefit from whether to nurture a hobby or further develop your career.

One of the leading online courses provider is called pluralsight

At the moment they offer 1 month for free trial with a limit on how many minutes you can watch, something like 300 min (from memory).

Anyhow the trick is that you can connect your hotmail account with Microsoft visual basic:
Once you do, there are many perks Microsoft offers, one of them is full access to Linkedin tutorials (previously known as Lynda, one of the leading providers before being acquired by Microsoft), and one other provider who I can’t recall.
Now what we are here to talk about is the 3 months full access to pluralsight’s entire library with no cap on how many minutes you can watch.

As it is the offer is really sweet, you get to checkout their entire library, and they do offer an app (from their website) get it and it will allow you to download up to 30 courses for offline viewing.
Don’t try to locate the files because I tried and I can confirm that they are encrypted on your hard drive using pluralsight’s proprietary encryption .psv

Check it out, and PM if you are really interested in these courses, I might have some more tips for you :slight_smile:


Cmon guys, sign up for the course. Better than spending your hours watching porn and getting raped in dust2. its a great offer to learn and explore the world. There is a world of possiblities beyond de_dust2. I hope some people will sign up :slight_smile:

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This offer is really good, especially for people who are in country where they cannot afford to make online payment.

Future of world is now online education. I am a student in couple of such online courses. Some of the stuff they teach is really gem :). Some teachers are so good in teaching they will make sure it stays with you.

A course is better than short you tube videos coz they have a definitive structure.

I’m very interested in this myself :). Who knows I’ll catch you in some of the courses question and answer sections.

Happy learning to you all :slight_smile: