Problem was fixed. Unban please

I have fixed the screenshots and demo problem today
Now i’m able to make screenshots and demos without problem
Can you unban me now please so i can join the game ? and next time you make screenshots or demos of me i will upload here

I see your other posts about this issue , you have not provided screenshots and demo from the game when you got banned.
and second of all is that you are using ip changer that is not allowed aswell .
if you cant provide us with with the proper SS and demo there is nothing to do about it and sadly for you the unban will not take place .
this topic will be closed in few hours to givve you time to reply , spamming the the site with posts will result in permanent ban from the forum .
the demo and the SS are in your cs folder check the previus posts how you find them .

I posted a video and prooved that my game folder did not save any screenshots because of technical issue but now it’s solved. And i do not change my ip at all. It change automatically from my internet provider

@anon87618515 your video doesnt not make any sense mate , not in this case cus you should have a demo saved automaticly and screenshoots aswell , its not you taking screenshoots its the server doing it , so I will close this topic and as mentioned before , provide us with the right information needed for an unban or else im sorry take care