Reminder_Update [Official]

I just wanted to remind you that admins here are not respecting their own rules
They banned me because i killed many of them and i posted proofs here (Demo + screenshots) they rejected to unban me

Here is the topic that explains what these admins are doing in secret
It is a big shame for someoen not to respect the own rules. It’s like there is kids trying to impose themselves. It makes me remember the days when kids who own the ball will tell you how to play it… real kids time

Link to topic with proofs

Ahahahaha what wrong with you man? Again!!! how many posts did you write about this??

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I also want to take the opportunity to answer an admin who thinks that god does not exist “withour spelling his name because i don’t want him to get blamed”
Just few questions for you

  • Who hanged the moon there in the sky ?
    Was it humans ? Was nasa maybe ? Did nasa hang the moon for us ?
    Who did that ?
    Who made the sun come to us daily with temperature so that we do not freeze ?
    You did that maybe ?
    When someone create a machine then a part of it get broken، who can fix that part ? The creator can because he knows what he created
    But if you lose one finger in your hand you can not produce another finger, because you did not create yourself. Someone else created you and created the birth mrchanism. It’s god
    And please dont tell me that u believe in darwin’s theory because it makes no sence and it was critisized by thousends of scientist
    Why don’t monkeys do what they did before so we can see a creature between a monkey and a human ?
    It can’t be sudden thaou our bodies needs oxygen and suddenly there is oxygen
    It can’t be sudden that we need food to live and suddenly there is trees and food
    I’m not blind believer. I also was asking strange questions. And in the end i found all answers
    Not by religion people. Not by moskey and not by anyone who pretend to be a holy religion man. I found it all simply in quran.
    God told us in quran how he created the earth but all science we have learned were a lie especially those from nasa
    Today there is real science with proofs you can see with your eyes, and guess what.
    Those true science were mentioned in quran with all details
    How could quran know about this 1400 years ago ?
    Because it is from the creator of this world
    Any queqtion or doubt i can answer. I helped many people to find the truth and to stop being deceived by their own devil
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Aiyayai yai :joy::joy:. You were banned for constantly swearing at others when given multiple chances by multiple admins.

You were not banned because I don’t believe in God. The God you describe is not the God you seem to follow :). You seem to follow a God out of your head. You haven’t taken responsibility for your actions, which is one of the most important trait of a good Muslim. I know this coz I have very good Muslim friends, some of whom asked me to ban you haha :).

I’m glad you believe there is God. Wish, I could. But try to check you are not following your ego and calling it God. Bless you :). And goodbye again :slight_smile:

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