Retake server in now up!

Hello boys and girls !
The retake server is now up!
And we would like our players to join it and test it out :slight_smile:
for the players that are playing on the mix servers please play on the retake while you are waiting for a spot and even when you are done with the mix game .
The goal is to get more players to our mix games and ofc the retake server does give you more knowlage in prepration for the mixes

Server IP :


Retake server will be popular if only you guys play it. Lots of steam players will join if they see people playing on it.

In public server, we have to pay to get people in our server. In retake servers, skilled players will join not like warrior bots :slight_smile:

And, if you want to play mix, join discord first and stay in mixQ channel even if others are playing. People will give you chance. Most people have busy life and like me would prefer to play one or two games only. Just do other things while others are playing so you can manage your time well.

@Kassem_Ben @404 join discord if you want to play. People who are in discord will get more priority. Even if you are spectator in server but not in discord, you will have less priority. Discord first.

Mix is not public server. People give information and the whole game is about Information. Besides, we have lots of fun in discord. Join even if you don’t have a mic or else no point playing mix


@Nofear Thanks for the advice
I will do this

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