RossoNero admin rights own will

My complains agains’t Admin @RossoNero , or as everyone know’s him in server

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I joined in server at midnight time 12:00pm 9/26/2019. There was 3v3 players in De_Dust_2 map. I started my game as always, but then Admin @RossoNero started teamflashing me. On the first I ignored that cause like everyone we can missclicked or something, but after second round he turn against me and started teamflashing again (Which was on purpose). What I did, I slayed him for that as a punishment. Admin had weak nerves and kicked me out from server. I joined back. And explained to him I had rights to slay him, but not him to kick me. He respond to me: ‘‘He have rights to kick me’’, Where the heck is your rights? You see folks he wanted to knife which I didn’t wanted. The other blames I should go where is full server. And now let’s hold up for the minute.
Is this a public server? Or knife server? Thats why @Nofear thought about us. When in server have not many players you only can use half of map, so you don’t need to run around like a dummy. I thought that was the reason of that…

Which applies to you - @RossoNero . Don’t ever do that. I understand you wanted knife battling. I understand you have awful computer or internet to properly shoot, but listen mate. You could please to write in chat saying: ‘‘Can you want knife with us Savage?’’ ‘‘Or can you please stop shooting’’ ? DO IT POLITE. Imagine what’'s going on this time of night. Admins using commands own will. If someone not gonna do it how they wish for you gonna be fullflashed/kicked or even worse BANNED for atleast 2.hours.

I believe Admin @RossoNero Deserves verbal warning so this situation not gonna happened again.

----------> DEMO

Many Thanks

I said rules are there but try to ignore small things like this. 90 percent players would have accepted the friendly game and gone for knife. Otherwise, they would go to other server. or remain in spec asking politely for normal game. I cannot go on making plugins and rules for small problems like this.

next time if there are 6 players or less do a vote @RossoNero. And, please avoid stupid dramas like this both of you. you have been playing here for a while so probably @RossoNero flashed you as a friend. In any case, this is a case where small things escalate into nothing.

And, one more thing, I have had the honour of meeting very skilled players than you throughout many years of this server. All of them were humble. They didnt need so much space like you @Brutality1 .

If there was any problems, all senior players come to me or moderators first rather than post here in the forum. Its a matter of respect. Not respect towards me or moderators but towards community. Here is the first line they say when they face small arguments to us- “Nofear, I dont want to cause trouble in forum, but could you look into this admin?”. The thing is, it takes a lot of effort to have a positive environment for our players. lots of arguments like these can be settled through private messages.

Precisely why I find your post bit offensive. Think about it next time.


Why do we play a game of 15+ years old? Just to be childish or what?

Grow up. I’m tired of reading shit like this every other week!

I understand sometimes things like this gets on your nerves, but instead of acting upon it and start banning or whatever PM him and tell him what’s on your mind.
You’re an admin, you’re supposed to be responsible and mature. Not a fucktard of 12 years old that gets fed up so easily.


This goes for all admins btw! It’s time to grow up and be somewhat mature!

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@gOldy Spoken like a true champ


Nothing to add, can’t be more agree.


and why we have the block option :roll_eyes: ! The players who flash their team more than 3 times will be blocked from throwing flashes for 3 rounds. follow the rules and everything will be okey :slight_smile:

@Brutality1 u have to chill man… @RossoNero is one of our freindly admins belive me :slight_smile:
im sure it was a missunderstand from u…

love ya both <3

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isint this kind of things to take up with moderators instead of hanging out folks on forum specially when we are admins ? I think this is the second time that improperiertly behavior from admin side has been reported from your side , if im not misstaken the answer was kinda the same , you have gotten answer from @Nofear @gOldy @RAMOS @sheitaN Best regards Zuttie-_-


dont slay an admin ….
thats why i did the kick . u got team flach u can do block easy …
without drama u r big boy
we were playing knife 2 vs 2 and all want it me abdllah melefice and the enchantress . they all told him to play knife and he ignored them …
i asked him poletly to let us have a fun . … than what he slay me !!!..
dont do drama bro

  1. If you are admin doesn’t mean you can do whatever is on your head mate.
  2. No one told me to play with knifes. You been texted eachother differend language (As you can see in demo)
  3. You didn’t write me one thing about that. Not even something polite. Lies have short legs.

Anyways! I’m sorry for being such a pain. If i’m not right.

enough said. im sure you got the point. locking this topic


loooooooooooooooooool all of them told you to play with knife and u just ignored them xD
lies xD
and i dont do what i want because we are not in Jungle :] there are rules . simple rules … and one from them dont slay an admin
u r an adult dont do kids shits
i could do topic abt slaying and admin and bla bla bla … and do problems … butI am not a little kid to go to everyone and tell them anything is going on …
A small problem happened between us then i it between us

@RossoNero enough. no more drama. dont bring this things on forum. sort it out with moderators help like @Zuttie said.