Security on the internet

Hello everyone.

When I arrived here i saw when someone got banned they post here the demo with all informations.

What i mean with informations?

  • Yours IP’s ( Internet Protocol address )
    What can i do with an IP?

You can:

  1. Find out their approximate geographical location.

  2. Find out who their Internet Service Provider (ISP) is

  3. Some ISPs publish address of their clients in the WHOIS (registry of IP addresses and domains)

  4. Access their router configuration page (if router is accessible from external IP addresses)

  5. Configure their router (if 4. works and owner hasn’t changed default password)

    ( and more )

So Please, be carefull guys, on these days we have so much types of wannabes/kids hackers trying to be smart.
Love you all <3


its just paranoia. Giving ip address is nothing lol. its like giving an address. Hacking into someone else computer involves much more than ip address.


Don’t think like that my friend, i have so much friends you wont believe what they can do.

lol. i have so many friends is like a buddhist monk walking on the water. just myth exploited in hollywood and folklores.

Ip Address is like giving a home address. you should change your router default password and have firewall turned on and basic things like dont click on spam or install software from anywhere.

Rest is just pure myth. Too much movies.

I don’t think everyone knows that but if you say its safe, alrigth then. :smiley:

its like this. everytime you connect to internet, you are giving ip address. Nowadays people use vpn to mask their ip address because they dont want advertising company to find out what they are doing in interent. They dont get spam mails and suggestions in google and etc. Thats what the whole paranoia about ip address is about. its not much about security but privacy.

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i know what you’re trying to say but as you know you with an IP you can turn off the internet ( DDoS ) and thats what i really want to say here.
Edit: i will delete this topic btw

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I can do it with pleasure :crazy_face:

or nah
@ujku delete.

Hahahaha :sweat_smile: coz u cant

hahah. Ddos is possible, thank you for correcting that. I did not take ddos into consideration, i was thinking of getting inside your system. Just google free ddos software. Pretty easy. dont need your friend hahah.

Ok, from now ip address will be sent via private message only :). Thanks for your contribution @Mawyl :slight_smile:


Free IP Stressers yes xD
No problem brother.